Cyber Crimes against Women in India

Available at ... Tavani, H. T., & Grodzinsky, S. (2002) Cyberstalking, personal privacy, ...

Cyber Crimes against Women in India

Cyber Crimes against Women in India

Cyber Crimes against Women in India reveals loopholes in the present laws and policies of the Indian judicial system, and what can be done to ensure safety in cyberspace. The book is a significant contribution to socio-legal research on online crimes targeting teenage girls and women. It shows how they become soft targets of trolling, online grooming, privacy infringement, bullying, pornography, sexual defamation, morphing, spoofing and so on. The authors address various raging debates in the country such as how women can be protected from cybercrimes; what steps can be taken as prevention and as recourse to legal aid and how useful and accessible cyber laws are. The book provides detailed answers to a wide array of questions that bother scholars and charts a way forward.

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